As someone that's interested in traveling, is it better to visit Hong Kong or somewhere else in Mainland China?

Both. I’d suggest China because it can be super cheap and you can visit so many more beautiful places in the countryside. Don’t just stick to Beijing and Shanghai, but if you do I’m sure it’ll still be fun.

You should also visit Hong Kong simply because it’s a really unique city to be in with so many things to do. Here’s a video that may convince you to go. I completely forgot we have fucking flamingos. 

How different is Hong Kong from the rest of China?

Oh ho ho. Very different. Long answer ahead, please note that this is just my opinion and observations as an expat who grew up here. 

Politically speaking, since the handover in ‘97, HK is part of China yet functions as a separate entity. Therefore it has its own currency, political system and laws. Hong Kong is a very international place, whereas China is a Communist party. We’re worlds apart because of this.

So never ever, ever place a person from Hong Kong and a person from Mainland China under the same category. Unless you want to get slapped. People from Hong Kong absolutely fucking hate Mainlanders with a fiery, burning passion. Let me tell you why since I’ve experienced these things myself:

  • They piss everywhere. No, seriously. They literally piss everywhere. I was shopping at Ocean Terminal (google it) and one of the poor cleaners was mopping a huge puddle of pee on the floor.

  • They shit everywhere too. Same mall, different day. There was a Mainlander who was holding her kid over a bin as the kid was taking a dump. There was a bathroom 10 seconds away.

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Who's the girl on your Avatar thing?

I don’t know, she looks like an asshole though.